Avi Tavisal

Avi Tavisal


Avi Tavisal is the founder of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC) House of Diamonds, at the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel – one of the most important diamond centers in the world.

Like many in the Israeli bourse, Tavisal is a second-generation diamantaire and jeweler. He was born in Israel and worked with his father David from the age of 16. Within a decade, in 1978, after meeting all of the stringent standards and requirements, he became a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange.

Determined to raise all he learned from his father to new levels of innovation, Tavisal established his own company, IDC, which would set him apart from other quality diamond vendors. In addition to cutting and polishing diamonds, he began to design, create and manufacture gold and platinum diamond jewelry.

Tavisal was among the first Israeli diamantaires to identify the potential marketing possibilities of clarity enhanced and treated polished diamonds, in particular HPHT treated diamonds, thus enabling his customers to enjoy a greater selection of polished diamonds at a wider range of qualities and price points.

In recent years, he has expanded his creative endeavors to developing innovations in the world of diamond jewelry, through a new brand carrying the family name, Tavisal. Two collections within the Tavisal brand have been launched since 2008: The Moriah Collection and the Ora Collection .

To this day, Tavisal sells his cut stones and original jewelry creations at the IDC showroom, as well as in showrooms abroad. He works closely with his wife Emma, daughter Yael and his son Daniel.

Avi Tavisal, IDC and the Tavisal name are highly respected in the Israeli diamond industry, where they are associated with integrity, ground-breaking innovations, quality manufacturing, and international trade of high-quality diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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