Diamond Certificates

Diamond Certificate


 A Diamond Certificate is a statement, issued by an independent Gemological Laboratory, after examination by experienced Diamond Graders using various gemological instruments.


Essentially the diamond's identification card, the certificate details a precious stone’s classification according to industry standards: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat of a diamond; each such diamond is unique.


It is important to have a Diamond evaluated by an independent Laboratory because each minute characteristic of a diamond – even if invisible to the naked-eye – can have a major impact on its value.


 All IDC Diamonds are delivered with a gemological Certificate.

In addition to the Company’s own Israel Diamond Center Certificate, established by a GIA-Educated Gemologist, the House of IDC works with the leading international gemological laboratories:


• The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ,

• The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) – with offices in Ramat Gan

• International Gemological Institute  (IGI)– with offices in Antwerp, Tel Aviv and globally

• Hoge Raad Vor Diamant (HRD – Diamond High Council) – with offices in Antwerp.

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