Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum



The close neighbor of The Israel Diamond Center (IDC) House of Diamonds is The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum . Also located in the heart of the Israeli Diamond Bourse complex in Ramat Gan, the Museum serves as an educational showcase for the local industry.


The long-established Museum recently reopened its gates after a period of extensive renovation. Diverse aids and media are utilized to unfold the saga of the diamond and the Israeli Diamond Industry. Rare gems, informative stations, videos and multimedia create an exciting, interactive experience which celebrates the phenomenon, the beauty and the heritage of the most precious mineral in the world – the diamond.


IDC – House of Diamonds and the Tavisal family are proud to be among the few Israeli diamantaires who have received the opportunity and honor to have special jewelry items they have designed and produced on display at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum.


Experts in the industry guide visitors on an exciting journey, during which they illuminate the versatile facets of the diamond: how nature creates diamonds; tactics and systems for mining; the stages and artistry of cutting and polishing; the trade, its conduct and values; and the characteristics and usage of diamonds in jewelry and industry.


Rotating temporary exhibitions at the Museum illustrate various aspects and intrigues about diamonds, depicting the culture, mystery and prestige of the world of gems, jewelry and man's greatest passion (and woman’s best friend) – the diamond.

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