The Israel Diamond Exchange

The Israel Diamond Exchange



The Israel Diamond Exchange is the most technologically-advanced and one of the largest diamond exchanges in the world. In addition to providing an umbrella organization for the international trade of polished diamonds, The Exchange sets policy with regard to trade rules, etiquette and appropriate conduct of its members, as well as the execution of legal decisions regarding fairness and violation of its rules.



Occupying five high-rise office towers, interconnected with walkways for easy and safe passage between them, the diamond industry has a significant presence on the outskirts of central Tel Aviv – an appropriate location, given the industry’s contribution to the Israeli economy.



Strict security procedures are followed at the entrance to and within the Diamond Exchange. There are more than a thousand modern offices, in which transactions are conducted under the necessary cool lighting. It is here that from around the world more than 6,000 buyers come each day to purchase diamonds to take back to their countries, either to be sold as individual stones, to be set in jewelry or, as is sometimes the case at IDC, to be sold within specially-designed Israel jewwlry  collections.



The hall of the Israel Diamond Exchange is the best meeting place for manufacturers, brokers, traders, exporters and buyers. The price of a diamond is determined in a legendary process of negotiations, a hand-shake and sealing the deal with the parties’ word of commitment "mazal u'braha" (Heb. ‘good fortune and a blessing’).



Israel worldwide annually exports polished diamonds worth many billions of dollars –$6.24 billion in 2008. The diamond industry is one of Israel's largest, accounting for about 20 percent of the country's industrial exports.

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