The Tavisal Brand

Tavisal Brand: New Collections from The House of IDC



Tavisal is the avant garde new brand of diamond jewelry collections, created by diamantaire and diamond jewelry craftsman Avi Tavisal. His Collections unite art, technology and craftsmanship to produce exhilarating innovations in contemporary diamond jewelry.


The Moriah Collection:

Diamond and Gold Jewelry with Jerusalem Stone at its Heart



Tavisal’s breathtaking Moriah Collection – named after the mountain on which Abraham first embraced the belief in One God, sowing the seed of three great faiths – interlaces precious materials representing Jerusalem’s strength, value and holiness: Diamonds - the hardest stone in the world, Gold - the noblest of all metals, and Jerusalem Stone - the holiest ground on Earth for more than 3,000 years.


Each carefully-designed composition in the Moriah Collection pays tribute to the sanctity of Jerusalem, the beauty of her landscape and the rich faith, culture, values, art and history she has inspired. The City’s individuality is perpetuated by the Collection’s limited edition designs which are numbered and documented in an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.


Skilled jewelry artisans at the House of IDC are challenged to preserve the raw integrity of each Jerusalem Stone, while giving it a voice – releasing the reverent statements and symbolism that exalt the Holy City. Diamonds and gold are meticulously inlayed in the stone by hand, to create a unique visual statement, never before attempted in a high quality, exclusive diamond jewelry collection.


The Ora Collection: The Diamond Reinvented



Tavisal achieves the ultimate synergy between craftsmanship and technology in its Ora Collection, making the elegance and glamour of generous-sized diamonds more accessible than ever before.


The Ora Collection features a stunning, radiant diamond cluster, with the appearance of a single stone of 1.5 carats or more. Its seams align as facets, achieving a whole new level of brilliance.


IDC’s expert diamantaires - perpetuating the Tavisal family’s multi-generational talent and tradition - were aided by high-tech specialists and a 3D graphic designer, who applied their technical capabilities to the delicate work of precision diamond cutting and setting for this unique collection.

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